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Adeline’s Corner – Fairy Door

Adeline's Corner Finished Fairy Door

From time to time, I am going to let my oldest daughter, Adeline, put some instructions for things she has done on Suburban Dabbler.  While I was building the fairy church, she was designing and building a fairy door.  Hope you enjoy her additions.   —Megan

From Adeline:

I went to Pike’s Nursery with my grandmothers and there I saw a big presentation with various fairy garden pieces.  I wanted all of it.  I especially wanted the mobile home.  And my sister really wanted a chicken coop and bunny home.  I made my mom go to Pike’s to see them.  Well, I actually tricked her into going because I wanted her to buy them for me (because they were so BOSS).  Mom said “they are super cute but there is no way I am spending that much money on those.”  Turns out the mobile home was like $50!  Then she said “you have a tablet and Pinterest.  Research and make something!”  She always says stuff like that.

I took her phone and started looking right away.  I pinned about 7 billion pictures of DIY fairy gardens and fairy garden pieces before we even got home!  When we got home, I grabbed my sketchbook and drew out plans!  I had seen some doors made out of horseshoes and scrap wood.  I figured why not try popsicle sticks?  We had those at home and mom said “try to use materials we already own.”  I totally hate all of this budget stuff! I also had a horseshoe, from a craft done at a birthday party I went to when I was 5.  It was hanging in my closet above the door.  It was spray painted gold with lots of googly eyes, feathers, and other tacky stuff on it.  So, I grabbed my tool kit and stool and pulled it down (technically, I attempted to get it down without poking my eye out – I am not a cyclops!).  I yanked all the tacky stuff off with needle nose pliers and sanded it down really well.

To make this fairy door, you’re going to need the following equipment:

  • a horseshoe,
  • paint,
  • popsicle sticks (lots),
  • a small stone, and
  • glue
  1. Gather all the items.
  2. First, you’ve got to prepare the horseshoe. Paint both sides of the horseshoe.  I used black spray paint.  I sprayed it, let it dry, flipped it over, sprayed it again.  When I flipped it back over I sprayed an extra coat on the front side and let it dry.

    black horseshoe for fairy door
    This is the horseshoe after I painted it.
  3. Glue the popsicle sticks together, making sure its decently close to the size of the horseshoe. Try to make sure they are lined up together straight.
  4. Paint the craft sticks any color you’d like.  I painted them red, because red doors are so a-door-able (sorry, I just had to because I love puns)!
  5. Glue the horseshoe to the painted sheet of craft sticks,and let them dry.  It is ok, if the sticks are not the exact shape of the door (the corners will stick out above the horseshoe).

    painted fairy door
    Sticks glued together, painted, and trimmed (I didn’t know I was writing a blog post, so I didn’t take a lot of pictures).
  6. Glue the stone on to look like a doorknob! I didn’t, but you can paint the door knob if you like.
  7. Once it is all dry, have an adult either cut, saw, or dremmel the sticks that are sticking out above the horseshoe.  My mom just used scissors.
  8. My mom also sprayed clear coat on it since she was already clear coating Vivian’s church.
  9. Once everything is dry again, nail the horseshoe into a tree of your choice. Make sure you let everyone in your house know about this, so no tree huggers (or parents) are opposed.
    Adeline's Corner Finished Fairy Door
  10. By now, you can do absolutely anything you want, but I made a small path using pea gravel and I think its pretty cute!

If you make a fairy door, show me! I’d love to see it!

That is all for now.  I hope to share more crafts with you in the future.  If you have crafts you need help with email my mom at megan@suburbandabbler.com and she will let me know about the things you would like to see.  We will try to write about it!  Until next time be unique like a unicorn!!!


Updated Note from Megan – Adeline’s Door is so very cute.  However, if you want longevity,  I would recommend going ahead and using a piece of scrap wood and exterior paint.  Even with the clear coat, the Popsicle sticks are bending a bit.  I still love it, because it looks more rustic.  However, if you have a perfectionist kid (which I do), you might consider pulling out the jigsaw and making it a little sturdier.

Fairy church and fairy door
The start to the Fairy Compound. We decided to put both the door and church on the same tree.


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Adeline is Megan's daughter and contributes tutorial articles when she isn't busy being with school work and chores.


    1. Haha!! Well,the whole reason we have a DIY fairy garden is me wanting to buy all of Pike’s Nursery! I’m not letting down now that I’ve seen what can happen!! “Hey Mom… I saw a really cool phone at Pike’s.. No,I’m not building a phone from scratch!”

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